A whole house fan is the “greenest” way to cool your home.

We have the most powerful and quiet, energy efficient, whole house fan on the market.


  • "Thanks so much to My Green Home! Our Whole House Fan has saved us through the hottest days of summer. We do not have AC and live in Eastlake, and with this product there is no need to pay for AC!"- Evan and Gabrielle Golden, Chula Vista
  • "In the past 6 months our whole house fan has significantly cooled our house down as well as creating great ventilation. Our house used to get stuffy at night but now we sleep much better." - B. & D. Lambert, Oceanside
  • "Our fan installation by My Green Home went very smooth from beginning to end. The fan has worked so efficiently we don’t know how we managed before it was installed. We turn it on... it forces all the hot air out of the attic... which allows our AC to cool the house more effectively!

  • ...we find the whole house fan cools the house to a comfortable level without using the AC." - Don and Lorrie, Lakeside, CA
  • Hi Caleb, Just a quick note of thanks. Your team was on time, courteous, efficient, friendly, and very professional. We could recommend your services with confidence to friends or neighbors. Best to you, Mike and Cathy Keeley, Escondido


Stay cool while saving energy and money with our quiet whole house fan.


Drastically reduces or even eliminates air conditioning use

An inexpensive way to keep your home cool

Thousands of satisfied customers

Recommended by SDG&E, Edison and Xcel Energy

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